The Club of Občanská Plovárna is a remarkable place from the architectural point of view and its serviceability has been brought to a maximal flexibility according to the individual. Two floors of the protected building are provided with galleries and embrace the area used as a dance floor, podium for performances or other activities. The central part is created by glassed-in show-cases which are open in the summer time, right next to theVltavaRiver, viewing the Old Town of Prague. Each floor provides a lavishly equipped bar and also a separate lounge/VIP area is available. A certainty is excellent sound system, our own DJ loudspeaker system and light instrumentation.
The interior is sensual and with its capacity affects an opulent impression, but at the same time it can be friendly and private if supposed to serve more intimate atmosphere. Beside the company celebrations, parties and bashes, it is used for concerts, weddings, family celebrations or conferences. The area of the Club achieves another dimension during the summer months, when the Club oversteps the limits of the building and through open giant showcases passes freely to theterraces on theVltavaRiverbank and the surrounding areas of the

China Moses 1 club PROSTORY KLUBU (6) Vyber 25 PROSTORY KLUBU (5) IMG_4609 China Moses-14w China Moses 5 Klub China Moses 4 club

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